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верските заедници и религиозни групи

Бул. Гоце Делчев бр 8, зграда на МРТВ,18 спрат,
1000 Скопје, Р. Македонија, П.Фах52
тел. + 389 2 3226-777;
факс +389 2 3226-353
e-mail: kovz@kovz.gov.mk

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Корисни линкови

The Director of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and Groups Mr. Darijan Sotirovski, at a reception with the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HB Stefan.

On 26.02.2018 in the office of the head of MOC-OA, a meeting was held between the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HB Stefan and the newly appointed director of the CRRCG, Mr. Darijan Sotirovski.

Besides the cordial congratulations on the election of the new director His Beatitude Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Stefan emphasized his sincere wishes for successful work and support for all the future efforts of the new director in the interest of promoting cooperation and trust among the religious communities in Macedonia, as well as increased concern for the needs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and all of its believers.

The Director of the CRRCG, Mr. Darijan Sotirovski, stressed his commitment to introduce a new spirit in the inter-confessional relations. At the same time, the support to the MOC-OA for all the open issues it faces was also emphasized.